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Debbie Rosoles
“I met Tina in 2006, I instantly knew that she was amazing! When she moved back to the East side of EL Paso I was so happy! T&T Nails is excellent and this is my place to go to get beautiful nails + wonderful pedicures as long as I live! My nails stay on forever, good quality and good people, very kind and courteous! I love T&T Nails!”
“I have known Tina for 9 years and every time I have visit T&T for pedicure and manicure is always been a pleasant environment, very relaxing. I love coming to T&T because they take care their customers and always do their best to pleased customers. I recommend T&T anybody.”
“Wow! I have been hampered with ingrown toenails from my youth until now. Tina has solved the problem; Tina removes my ingrown and makes my feet purr like Kitten. As a man I was hesitant to go in for a pedicure, but since I encountered Tina it is more than a treat to take care of my feet. Most men spend more time with their cars trucks than they do their bodies, for me that have changed.
Thank you Tina
The guy with the Tough Toes”
“I visit Tina ar T &T once a month for a pedicure and it is the most relaxing day of the month.
My can be brought me the best time and now I come more often than her. My feet have never felt better!
Me and my daughter who is 4 years old comes twice a month to visit Ms. Tina at T&T Nails Spa. It is very clean, relaxing and she takes care of our feet like she takes care of her own. The shop is very friendly and reasonable price. I am military and been in El Paso 1.5 years. There is no other shop I could go to or advise any body to go but T &T”
Jessica Boulding
“When I came here to El Paso, TX, I could not find a good nail salon that I like, or could do a great job. After my visit to (5) nail salons that I did not like, I found T & T nails. I love it!!! Tina does a great, I would not go anywhere else for as long as I’m in El Paso.”
Adriana Levy
“T.T nails is by far the cleanest nail salon I have been to. Tina gives very extensive and good pedicures and great designs. They have a lot of nail color selections for gel colors, tips and pedicures. I recommend this salon.”
“I’ve been coming to T&T nails for the last year. Every time I come I get excellent customer service and the quality of the manicures and pedicures is excellent. Tina by far is the best when it comes to pedicures. I’ve visited other nail establishments and nobody beat Tina’s. T&T”
Lyndsey Villarreal
“When I first moved to El Paso 2 years ago I tried all the nail shops close to mu house and was never 100% satisfied but, when Tina opened her shop, I went and loves the service and detail I received with all service and have not been any where else since!”
Alejandra Flores
“From all the nail shops I have tried (and I’ve been everywhere) this is by far the cleanest one! Tina is excellent at keeping her establishment up to par! The pedicure are the best and her great service keeps me coming back.”
Marry Ann Camacho
“This salon is the only salon that stays clean and professional at all times. I have been a customer there at T & T Nails for 2 years. Tina and her husband do nails very well to the point where is becomes it being perfection form them, and you will not leave the salon until your happy and Tina and the other nail techs are happy. Everytime I go to T &T Nails they make you feel like you are part of their family, Tina is very personal and doesn’t forget a customer name. I live in Far Northest El Paso and I still drive to her when I break a nail or just need them done, and the drive is about 15-20 mins. But it’s worth it. I suggest you give it a try, you will not regret it, and you sure won’t go anywhere else. I love everyone at T&T Nails!”

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